How It Works

The Official Elf Kit has everything any kid needs to become a real Santa’s helper. Here’s how it works.

1. Sometime before Christmas, your family will receive a package. Together, read the personalized Special Delivery note from Finley the Elf. Then it’s time to open the kit!


2. Explore all the goodies in the kit. Can you find the letter from Santa?

North Pole Kids' Club Official Elf Kit Contents


3. If you want to find out about the very first North Pole Kids, settle in for story time with Finley’s Christmas Adventure.


4. From now until Christmas, kids can earn their official elf hat by doing festive activities. The handbook is packed with step-by-step directions in different categories, like Be Helpful & Nice, Family Time, Recipes, Arts & Crafts, Entertain, and Christmas Traditions. Choose the activities that work best for your household, and help your little one track his or her progress on the Elf Meter.


5. On Christmas Eve, your junior elf will prepare the house for Santa’s visit. This is a very important job, as you will learn in Finley’s Christmas Adventure!


After Christmas, put away the kit so it can come out again next year. Each year, North Pole Kids can move up to another level. Make it an annual tradition!


 Learn more in the North Pole Kids' Club video!