Frequently Asked Questions

The North Pole Kids’ Club Official Elf Kit makes an ideal gift from parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and family friends. If you have any questions about the kit, we hope this gift guide has the answers. If you need more help, please email us at

Is this a subscription?

This is not a subscription and you do not need to sign up for anything. This self-contained kit comes with everything any kid needs to become a junior elf.

What is the age range?

The primary age range is 4-8 years old, although children who are Santa’s truest believers of any age enjoy the kit. A double pack kit is great for siblings who can do the activities together -- older kids often help younger siblings.

How Does It Work?

Please visit our How It Works page for more details. Or watch our North Pole Kids video.

Can kids watch your product video?

Absolutely! The video is a great way to show kids how it works. It can be found on our Home page, the How It Works page, or the North Pole Kids Video page.

Why should I buy the Official Elf Kit?

The Official Elf Kit is a positive way to incorporate family traditions, activities, creativity, kind behavior, and Christmas magic into the holiday season. Kids earn their elf hats by doing Christmas activities with their families, resulting in a sense of accomplishment and togetherness during the holidays. Kids also help Santa on Christmas Eve and are a special part of his team. In addition to arts and crafts activities, the kit includes other categories to choose from: Be Helpful and Nice, Family Time, Recipes, Arts and Crafts, Music, Traditions and more. Children can earn a new elf level each year, making it an annual tradition.

When should I give the kit?

The kit provides activities for the days and weeks leading up and including Christmas Eve, so it should be given before Christmas. Some families start the kit just after Thanksgiving, others do it throughout December, and some use it as a Christmas break activity. It can also be used as a theme for a Christmas party or special day with grandkids, nieces or nephews.

What is the last day to order for pre-Christmas delivery?

Since the kit includes pre-Christmas activities, please order no later than December 18, 2017. Earlier is even better to give the child time to enjoy their kit before Christmas.

How can I buy for more than one child?

The Single Pack Kit is designed for one child and the Double Pack Kit is designed for two children who share the handbook, key and letter from Santa. The Double Pack Kit comes with two hats, two elf activity books, two elf certificates, two membership cards, plus one handbook, key and Santa letter. Hats are available in two green, two pink or one of each. If you have questions on buying for larger families or several families, please contact us at

Should I buy a pink elf hat for a girl?

Please buy the hat color the child would like most. Some girls prefer the classic green hat, but a pink hat is available for kids who love pink.

How is this different from scout elves?

Scout elves fly back to the North Pole every night and report to Santa. In the North Pole Kids' Club, kids themselves become junior elves and do activities to earn their elf hats. Many kids in the North Pole Kids' Club have a beloved scout elf who delivers their kit!

Is this good for a busy family?

Busy families appreciate that the activities are customizable, and can be selected based on time constraints, age levels, and interests of each household. The kits are a great way for families to incorporate holiday activities and magical memories into their busy schedules. It is also worth noting that the Elf Activity book is filled with fun workbook sheets that kids love to do on their own -- because sometimes even the most dedicated mom and dad could use a break.

What about next Christmas?

Kids can earn a new elf level each Christmas. The Official Elf Kit helps kids earn the first level (Junior Elf) and provides a hat, handbook, and Magic Key that can be used year after year. The handbook explains how new levels are earned, and in coming years we will have custom books available to help kids achieve them.

What is the free personalized delivery note?

Many orders are shipped directly to junior elves, and you can personalize the delivery note included with the shipment at no extra charge. Kids get a kick out seeing their names on the note, along with the name of the person who told Santa they would make a great addition to the club. Click here for an example.

Can you provide shipping details?

All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. You will receive a tracking number after the order ships. Our goal is to deliver your order as quickly as possible. In November and December, we typically ship orders the next business day. Orders typically arrive in 2-4 business days, but can be delayed due to inclement weather or increased holiday shipping. If you need faster delivery, please email us at and we will find the fastest, most cost-effective shipping method. Please see our Shipping & Returns Guide for more details.

Can I return the product?

We want you to be happy with your purchase!

If the order arrives damaged or incorrect, please contact us at and we will either refund or replace your order, depending on what works best for you.

If you would like to return an unopened, non-damaged order that arrived as ordered, please do so within 30 days and we will refund your order. In this case, we ask that you ship the product back to us.

If you have another issue, please contact us at More details are on our Shipping & Returns Guide.